Corina & Claudiu – the wedding

I knew since their wonderfull engagement that their wedding will be magnificent. It couldn’t be other way judging by the attention for the details that they have shown. So it was a great pleasure for me to meet them again and to document their wedding.

We started early paying a visit to the hairdressers…


And then we went directly to the makeup artist:


It was time for a small gathering with the groomsmen and the bridemaids. Of course they helped the bride and the groom to “prepare” for the wedding.


And after we continued with the romanian customs


We had time for some more shots before starting the party. The usual party for a romanian wedding starts around 9 PM and ends after 5 AM.

And then we got the party started:


After the wedding we planned the “Love the Dress” shooting. The bride already had in mind the location: Mogoşoaia Palace, a great place just 10 km away from Bucharest. The palace was build around 1700 by Constantin Brancoveanu.

It was the first time for me there but I studied the place using the internet. It’s quite great these days because even if you don’t know a place you can check it before going there and that could help you a lot.

Obviously, the palace was more wonderful then we were expecting. Until we got there we made several stops to shoot but when we got there we shot for almost 5-6 hours. And we could shot more but the sun was setting already.

IMG_9900IMG_9873IMG_9908IMG_9946IMG_9964IMG_0040IMG_0070IMG_0067IMG_0076IMG_0102-bwIMG_0113IMG_0118IMG_0125IMG_0131IMG_0141IMG_0142IMG_0146IMG_0148hdr1hdr2IMG_0173IMG_0218IMG_0221IMG_0224IMG_0232IMG_0244IMG_0274IMG_0286IMG_0296IMG_0312IMG_0318IMG_0345IMG_0348IMG_0357IMG_0360IMG_0377IMG_0384IMG_0387IMG_0415IMG_0423IMG_0432IMG_0439IMG_0470IMG_0475IMG_0499IMG_0502IMG_0510IMG_0523IMG_0539IMG_0542IMG_0547IMG_0565IMG_0571IMG_0591IMG_0609IMG_0616IMG_0639IMG_0767IMG_0786IMG_0646IMG_0658IMG_0667IMG_0680IMG_0686IMG_0694obiceiurile romanestiIMG_0806IMG_0812IMG_0825IMG_0761

I don’t know how to thank them for the opportunity I had to photograph their wedding. It was a wonderful wedding and we had a lot of fun together. I hope I’ll meet Corina and Claudiu for other shootings also.