Irina & Claudiu

There’s nothing more satisfying to me than a positive feedback after my customers receive the photos. So when Claudiu called me and said that they watched the albums 65 times I enjoyed it very much , though I knew he was exaggerating a little.

Claudiu and Irina form a lovely couple and I’m glad I had the opportunity to photograph their wedding . Below you will find several photos from the engagement session, the wedding and from the trash the dress shooting. What do you think about the photos?


01-IMG_2107 02-IMG_2109 03-IMG_2114 04-IMG_2117 05-pp2 06-IMG_2136 07-IMG_2137 08-IMG_2139 09-IMG_2142 10-IMG_2145 11-IMG_2165 12-IMG_2175 13-IMG_2193 14-IMG_2197 15-IMG_2200 16-IMG_2213 17-IMG_2226 18-IMG_2237 19-IMG_2247 20-IMG_2339 21-IMG_2435 22-IMG_2506 23-IMG_2509 24-IMG_2511 25-IMG_2588 26-IMG_2598 27-IMG_2972 28-IMG_3151 29-IMG_3174 30-IMG_3190 31-IMG_3197 32-IMG_3212 33-IMG_3272 34-IMG_3290 35-IMG_3362 36-IMG_3417 37-IMG_3431 38-IMG_3481 39-IMG_3551 40-IMG_3569 41-IMG_3587 42-IMG_3618 43-IMG_3625 44-IMG_3638 45-IMG_3650 46-IMG_3672 47-IMG_3691 48-IMG_3726 49-IMG_3807 50-IMG_3812 51-IMG_3827 52-IMG_3847 53-IMG_3934 54-IMG_5225 55-IMG_5417 56-IMG_5420

01-IMG_8310 02-IMG_8331 03-IMG_8379 04-IMG_8404 05-IMG_8429 06-IMG_8453 07-IMG_8480 08-IMG_8533 09-IMG_8564 10-IMG_8602 11-IMG_8622 12-IMG_8676 13-IMG_8686 14-IMG_8799