Young, wild and … smart

Every year I get the chance to photograph a highschool graduation. Last year I had the pleasure to doit for a twelfth grade of Colegiul Național “Vasile Alecsandri” from Galați.

I had the first contact with them on the day of the festivities:


Fotografii festivitate absolvire C.N.V.A 2014 - 29 mai 2014 - Foto: Ciprian Neculai - @[10150110483110624:0]

Fotografii festivitate absolvire C.N.V.A 2014 – 29 mai 2014 – Foto: Ciprian Neculai – @[10150110483110624:0]


I liked the fact that they were very united and slowly I started to memorize their names. I met them again a day later, at the prom party:


After the party we met again two days later for a session. We started with a fun exercise. They had to write just one word that could describe everyone of them on a piece of paper. They had to leave the group one by one to allow the colleagues to talk freely about them and decide the best word for them. I had fun watching and photographing them. It was an interesting exercise. We hid the papers after and we started to session.


We even had fun in the fitness area of the park:output_0kFOGEoutput_0O9Ap2output_9fVgfLoutput_9lbqVioutput_A45zbMoutput_eQ7ziW
After this, I started to shoot each one of them with their paper:

IMG_7261IMG_7264IMG_7273IMG_7278După ce am terminat acest pas am ascuns colile și am început ședința foto.IMG_7309IMG_7437IMG_7531IMG_7552IMG_7556IMG_7595IMG_7602IMG_7616IMG_7623IMG_7627IMG_7650

They wanted to make a photograph with me also. How could I refuse them?


As you can clearly see we had a lot of fun. It was a real pleasure to meet them and to get to know them a little. I hope we can meet again after 10 years, as we decided!