Alexandra & Silviu

I have not personally met Alexandra and Silviu until the pre-wedding photo shoot. Because of this, this shooting was perfect because we had the time to talk and learn more about them before the wedding. We shot some pictures on the Danube shore and then some more in a small forest at sunset. We were lucky because the sunset was very beautiful.001-01-img_9092 002-02-img_9098 003-03-img_9151 004-04-img_9157 005-05-img_9159 006-06-img_9197 007-07-img_9212 008-08-img_9276 009-09-dsc00445 010-10-img_9341 011-11-img_9347 012-12-img_9360 013-13-img_9362 014-14-img_9376 015-15-img_9377 016-16-img_9382 017-17-img_9394 018-18-img_9441 020-20-img_9478 019-19-img_9459 021-21-img_9487 022-22-img_9572

The wedding day followed,  a day of great emotion for the bride and the groom. I tried to shoot as many candid photos and I was glad that I have managed to “freeze” a few moments. Obviously, the day started with the wedding preparations:023-01-img_9588 024-02-img_9599 025-03-img_9618 026-04-img_9656 027-09-img_9899 028-10-img_9909 029-06-img_9810 030-07-img_9819 031-08-img_9823 032-11-dsc00487 033-12-dsc00502 034-19-img_0004 035-20-img_0005 037-16-dsc00520 038-17-dsc00521 039-18-dsc00528 040-21-img_0414 041-22-img_0429 042-23-img_0435 043-24-img_0445 044-25-img_0472 I managed to capture this photo during the religious celebration. The intention was to photograph the bride’s mother that was watching her daughter. Then I noticed that I also captured the look of the bride’s father as he was looking at his wife.045-26-img_0479 046-27-img_0497 047-28-img_0563 048-29-img_0594 049-30-img_0725 050-31-dsc00556 051-32-img_0745 052-33-dsc00568 053-34-dsc00576 054-35-dsc00581 055-36-dsc00608 056-37-dsc00620 057-38-img_0835 058-39-img_0887 059-40-img_0889 060-41-dsc00645 061-45-img_1009 062-42-dsc00652 063-43-dsc00660 064-44-img_0962 065-46-img_1022 066-47-img_1040 067-48-img_1044 068-49-img_1067 069-50-img_1230 070-51-dsc00687 071-52-dsc00700 072-55-img_1345 073-56-img_1421 074-58-img_1653 075-59-img_1654 076-60-img_1747 077-61-img_1790 078-62-img_1795 079-63-img_1913 080-64-img_1930 081-65-img_1933 082-66-img_1986 083-67-img_2085 084-69-img_2152 085-70-img_2156 086-71-img_2431 087-73-img_2438 088-74-img_2463 089-75-img_2486 090-76-img_2487

After their wonderful wedding I accepted the invitation and went to Scotland for a few days for a “Love the dress” photo session. Edinburgh is a rare beauty. Everywhere you look you see something interesting and the city is full of tourists. We chose to shoot in several locations near the city and several in the city. However, it seemed impossible to shoot everywhere we wanted, the city proved to offer more than we could shoot in just one day.091-01-img_4224 092-02-img_4231 093-03-img_4245 094-04-dsc01429 095-05-img_4261 096-06-img_4285 097-07-img_4314 098-08-dsc01463 2099-09-img_4345 100-10-img_4357 101-11-img_4360 102-12-dsc01473 103-13-dsc01491 105-15-dsc01529 106-16-dsc01556 107-17-dsc01558 108-18-img_4463 109-19-img_4496 110-20-dsc01591 111-21-img_4546 112-22-img_4583

I congratulate the couple once again and wish them a wonderful life together. Also, thank you for the opportunity to be next to you in this important day of your lives.