Daniela & Adrian

Daniela and Adrian have an incredible love story. They have met online and they decided to marry each other in less than a month. But they decided this without even meeting in real life, beeing far away one from another. They just discussed and discussed until they concluded they are made for each other. And you know what? They were right and they form now a very lovely couple.

I wish them a happy life together!

These are some photos from their wedding and from the shooting we did a few days after at Mogoşoaia palace!

IMG_1278IMG_1288 IMG_1290 IMG_1312IMG_0214 IMG_0222 IMG_0216 IMG_1832 IMG_0265 IMG_0283 IMG_0272 IMG_1992 IMG_2006 IMG_2022 IMG_2010  IMG_0174 IMG_9654 IMG_0202 IMG_9703 IMG_9699 IMG_9655 IMG_9744 IMG_9715 IMG_9779 IMG_9774