Nadia Alexandra

I’m always happy to meet my clientsfrom the past , and if the reason for the meeting is a new baptism means that things are going well. Nadia Alexandra was born into a wonderful family with whom I collaborated two years ago at the baptism of her sister, Bianca .

These are some frames from the happy event!

01-IMG_3117 02-IMG_3127 03-DSC02933 04-IMG_3147 05-IMG_3158 06-IMG_3190 07-IMG_3201 08-IMG_3205 09-IMG_3202 10-IMG_3208 11-IMG_3242 12-IMG_3251 13-IMG_3273 16-IMG_3271 17-DSC02983 14-DSC02951 18-IMG_3515 19-IMG_3524 20-IMG_3530 21-IMG_3587 23-IMG_3714 24-IMG_4846 25-IMG_4855 26-IMG_4862 27-IMG_4895 28-IMG_4917 29-IMG_4957 30-IMG_5044 31-IMG_5056 32-IMG_5051 33-IMG_5067 34-IMG_5071 35-IMG_5080 36-IMG_5108 37-IMG_5168