R.U.S.T. / “Elegant” no 28 / Sept 2016

I must say this year was great for me. After my editorial “AVATAR” was published in “Whisper” Fashion Magazine issue 14, I shot another one in august for “ELEGANT” magazine. The editorial is named “R.U.S.T.” and it’s published in the 28th issue of the magazine. And now I just received the print and I must say it looks great:


I must say I really loved this location from Bucharest. I became pretty obsessed by it after I saw another fashion shootings made there by Lucian Bora and Anton Laurentiu.

After I found it I talked with the rest of the team and set up everything. The wonderful clothes are from Florentina Giol‘s new collection named “Amelie”. The makeup was exceptionally made by Mirry Degeratu and the beautiful hairstyle by the talented George istratie. Francesca (iele Models) was kind enough to pose for this editorial.

I want to thank the team for their great work! I can’t wait to shoot again will all of you!

You can buy the magazine here

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